Finding new ways to recycle and share my songs, 
one flannel at a time.

Second hand shirts embroidered with a lyric from one of Amber's original songs.

Being from Maine and a born lover of flannel, my cedar wardrobe is overflowing with shirts I have picked up at garage sales and thrift stores; vintage, cotton, wool, beautiful and unique plaids!
Instead of ordering a box of new t-shirts to promote my music I take these second hand shirts and make them new again! 
Each flannel shirt has been mended, washed with unscented laundry detergent, and line dried on the central coast of California.
 There are hand-me-down flannels; flannels gifted by friends or fans; flannels pulled from the backs of little old ladies' closets; flannels that my dear mother has hunted down at church rummage and garage sales on the back roads of Down East Maine.  Some are brand new, some show a little love from wear. All with stories. All shapes and sizes (infant sizes- 3X). 

With plenty of life left in them, these are strong shirts looking for new beginnings!
Over 200 phrases to choose from!
Yes, I carry Pendleton's!

100% of the sales go toward supporting my music. If you would like to purchase a shirt the easiest way to do so is at a live performance where I have them available, but depending on your desire, orders can be met online.

Email with your inquiry!

Retire your flannels at:
Amber Cross
PO Box 7093
Los Osos, CA 93412